Why people don’t respond when you ask for a backlink (or a link to your site)

For some people weekly, and for some people daily, get emails from other people asking for them to link to their website, by either replacing a link, or just putting in a link with certain words. Some people may see this as no big deal, it’s just a link, but it’s bigger than that.

First, let’s talk about why people ask for links on your site, people want their website to rank higher on search engines and most search engines see more links to a page as it being more popular so it ranks slightly higher (google calls it pagerank). Some may say they see the link as a good fit, in reality that’s a copy and paste script, and the only person who knows if a link is a good fit is the writer (or the owner of the site). Some people who send those emails are also paid by a company and most times a link gets listed the more people they get.

Why doesn’t the person I send (or who receives) the email respond? The most likely reason is because they already get so many emails and can’t respond to every email they get. Another reason may be because they don’t want to respond, I personally get emails all the time from people asking a backlink, and they just go straight into the trash. Another reason could be because the writer has chosen all the links on that page for a reason and doesn’t want to change them out. If a website (or writer) does get paid to put a link and doesn’t qualify it then google will lower that page in their search engine and it will affect your SEO. Most of the links asked to be put up also don’t look natural, which means less people will click the link and it kind of defeats the purpose. After a while there are times when that link you got asked to put it has changed to be something completely different and it doesn’t resemble anything originally on there, that means when the website visitor goes to visit that they have lost a bit of your trust.

Now, how do you actually get backlinks. None of these ways will be easy but these may result in being linked on popular websites. One reliable method is using HARO (help a reporter out) which when you sign up will send out 3 emails each day with things that reporters need a comment on. They do ask you only answer the query if you can answer it yourself, there are also query which say anonymous which some reporters select to ensure other publications don’t publish the story before them. You just simply email them using the email address in the query and provide what they require, and some ask for your website or social media links. If a reporter does use you as a quote expect a link to at least your website. The other alternative I know of is guest posting, there are many sites that accept guest posting but with this the writing has to fit the topic of the site. That doesn’t mean you have to do the writing yourself, you could hire someone through a site like Reddit or Upwork. This will require more time and money (depending on if you pay someone else to write the post) but it most likely will result in an entire post with a link to your website.

If you try any way to get backlinks you can’t get 100% reply, so instead of trying to get a backlink why not write quality content and wait for the backlinks to come.

To close, people don’t respond to your request for a backlink because they didn’t ask for it and they get so many requests, so instead spend the time finding people who actually want a quote from you, or write quality content. None of it will be easy, and you may have to try many times to find what works, but it’s better than doing black hat backlinks and having google delist your website.

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