Why Piracy Sites Have Hollywood Movies

I don’t endorse pirating anything, this is my view point and what movie studio companies can do to stop slow or stop their movies from being on piracy websites.

Thanks to Hollywood Movies Flood Piracy Sites Hours After Release – The Wall Street Journal for the inspiration for this. If you get a paywall while reading, you can read it in full on archive.today.

Hours after a Hollywood movie is released, piracy sites have the movie. When these movies used to be just in theatres, the piracy sites would have low-quality recorded on a camera versions. High quality copies usually wouldn’t be available until the movie is available on blu-ray a couple of months later.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, it caused theatres to shut down and all movies to be released online. This made it easier for piracy sites to have the best quality possible, available minutes after the movie is released.

The movie studios of course don’t like this and are trying to do whatever they can to stop their movies from being on piracy sites.

Instead of issuing DMCA takedown notices and making the movie more exclusive, there are other things they can to get more people to watch their movies the legal way.

Many people pirate movies because it isn’t available where they live in the world, and don’t want to wait until it comes out in their region of the world (if ever).

In the past the argument was because physical media was expensive and jet freight was very expensive.

Now the argument is because of copyright or exclusivity. A movie may not yet, have the rights to use a certain song in a certain part of the world. And until that agreement is signed by both parties, the movie studio would either need to mute the song used, or would need to choose another song which would require another agreement. A movie may also have an exclusivity to either a certain country or a certain streaming service, this is worked out by each party, and includes for how long.

Many movie studios not only produce movies, they have their own streaming services, or at least a license with one. For the studios this will give them close to 100% rather than 75%-ish of the cost. But viewers will have to pay for another streaming service. Why pay for yet another streaming service that they will probably only watch a couple of movies on, when they can use piracy sites to get it for free.

If a movie is available on a streaming service then the viewer will have to pay the monthly cost, and most likely an additional “premium” cost to watch a specific new movie. When Mulan was released on Disney’s streaming service, they not only required a monthly subscription, you had to pay an additional $30 to watch the movie. There are people who will pay any price to watch the latest movie, but there are also people who can’t afford to. Of course companies are going to have a “premium price” to their movies if they can because that 100% goes to the company.

Want to watch a movie in a language that isn’t an official language where you live? Learning how to read English or another language and find the best way to do so is by reading the subtitles? Theatres or streaming services don’t make it easy to do either of those. Why?

Because it costs the company money and few people would use it that it isn’t worth it to them. This is a big reason why piracy exists. When the movie is available on piracy sites usually isn’t just one language, there are several. Subtitles are available, if you want them, not just in your official language but likely in many other languages.

In one example, a movie could have six different audio languages and ten different language available through subtitles, all available in one download. The people who use these don’t need to wait for the official version from the movie studio to be available, there are people who volunteer to get these out quickly. Movie studio’s either take their time getting these out, or don’t put them out at all because it isn’t worth it to them.

Some viewers care a ton about quality, and some don’t. If you are one of those people who do and you notice you have to pay more to watch the highest quality, it may be on purpose. That’s right, some streaming services may charge you a higher cost in order to watch the highest quality they have. They want to get as much money as they can from you.

Even if you don’t care about quality you may notice in the lower quality that the video looks really bad or affects your mood, that’s because they want you to upgrade and pay them more. Some viewers may have no problem watching the lowest quality, and some will no problem paying more. There will be viewers who don’t like that they are already paying for something, and they have to pay more just to watch a higher quality. Movie studios and streaming services should provide the highest quality available at the same price, and allow someone to change the quality if they need or want to.

Movie studios, make a movie more available to viewers, in a how they want and quality way. People will pay for it. Some people will pay much more than the cost of a theatre ticket for this.

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