Why some sites don’t link to sources or other sites

When you are on another site you may notice that there are very few if any links in the post, some sites do that on purpose and some sites just forget to.

If a site doesn’t have any links then they may consider themselves an authority on the subject, or they have an exclusive story (meaning they are the only site to have that story) like the one Gizmodo put out about how the monster headphones lost the world. This could be considered a good thing as it shows they know what they are talking about, but it doesn’t provide any proof that what they are writing about is actually happening or true.

There are also many sites that just “forget” to include links on their site, sometimes sites do truly forget as they quickly want to get the post out there. And sometimes sites just don’t include links because they feel they don’t need to, and if someone wants to find more information they should do the searching themselves. This shouldn’t happen. When something is done quickly it can look sloppy and if you forget to include a link there you are forgetting to credit who you happen to get story from. If you feel you don’t need to include links then you should re-think that. By including links you are telling your website visitors where you found the information you posted about, you can get better SEO, and you may even be able to get your website visitor to spend more time on your website by using internal linking which Moz, Yoast, and Backlinko all have written about.

All sites should have at least a couple of links to other sites within their posts and there are many reasons why.

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