Why ‘The Sound of Music’ Isn’t A Christmas Movie

There are many movies that are considered Christmas (or holiday) movies to everyone, Miracle on 34th street, How the grinch stole christmas, National lampoon’s christmas vacation, Scrooged, and there are many, many others. There are also movies that some consider to be a holiday movie, when others don’t. I don’t consider the sound of music to be a holiday movie.

Most of the movies that are considered Christmas movies are based (or happen) around Christmas time, the sound of music doesn’t. Nowhere in the movie does it happen around Christmas, or mention presents or anything similar.

So, why do some people consider it a Christmas movie? Because tv networks air the movie during the season when families are all home and have nothing better to do. Since it always airs around that time many consider it to be a Christmas movie.

Some also say it’s a holiday movie because one of the songs (my favorite things) appears on many holiday albums. Billboard all the details for this if you want to know more exactly why.

Ultimately, while the movie really isn’t a Christmas movie, you can watch it during the holiday season and at anytime during the year.

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