This isn’t the only personal blog on the internet. I want to share some of my favourite blogs. These will be divided up into categories so you can go to which category fits you best.

Please don’t ask for your blog to be listed here, the point of the blogroll is to show my favourite blogs. Do you have or know of a blog you think I would enjoy? Feel free to email it to me and I may take a look.


CommitStrip – “the blog related to the daily life of web agency developers” (rss feed)
Loading Artist (rss feed)


A Life of Productivity – started out as a year of productivity to try out productivity experiments and have morphed into much more than that (rss feed)
zen habits (no that isn’t spelled incorrectly) – “Zen Habits is about finding simplicity and mindfulness in the daily chaos of our lives. It’s about clearing the clutter so we can focus on what’s important, create something amazing, find happiness.” (rss feed)

Personal Blogs (blogs run by one person)

Andy Mcllwain – “sharing thoughts on marketing, community, life and tech” (rss feed)
Brandon / LinuxLiaison – ” dedicated to the more formal expression of my opinions on various topics that might or might not include technology”
Cal Newport – he says it is the study hacks blog, but it’s more than that, it’s about productivity, deep work, and more (rss feed)
Frank Chimero – “designer and writer based in New York City” but he blogs more than just that (rss feed)
Mike Stone – “Opinions too long winded for social media” he blogs about technology but in an interesting way (rss feed)
Jake Bauer (rss feed)
Kev Quirk (rss feed)