When I have some spare time I tend to learn more about websites (and making them). Sometimes I release them under an open license. Here are some highlights of things that I have created.

Crypto Chart: Converting popular cryptocurrencies to USD. This does use a third-party to do the conversion, it was difficult to find a third-party that has both responsive and privacy-friendly but one managed to be found. Code on bitbucket.

Event Listings: Why rely on another platform for your event listings (and RSVP’s) when you have your own site. Code on bitbucket.

Style Site: Style site based on design from dribbble. Code on bitbucket.

Random Techmeme Page: Randomly generates an old techmeme page for you to go back and see what has changed in technology news. Code on bitbucket.

10kb Website: Website are getting bigger in size, so it’s a challenge to make a small size website. Code on bitbucket.

More websites coming soon to this page.