Gregory Hammond
Frontend Web Developer

Location: Ajax, Ontario, Canada (open to working in nearby towns or cities, also open to remote opportunities).

Email: job(at)

Resume is available at Gregory Hammond Resume.pdf

If you download my resume you are not allowed to modify it or send it to anyone without my permission.

Flexible working hours are preferred.


Are you (Gregory) authorized to work in Canada?
Yes I’m authorized to work in Canada.

Why do you want a job? Don’t you currently own a business?
I want a job at this time because I like to keep myself busy, I want to be open to learn new things, and I want to learn from different people.

What is your (Gregory’s) phone number / skype id?
As my schedule is erratic at this time I prefer to schedule a time. Please email me to schedule a time.

What is your (Gregory’s) salary expectations?
The better question is what is your budget? I’m not going to list a number here as to not be underpaid or to boast. If you want to hire me please include your budget as early as possible to make it faster and easier for both parties.

If there is anything else you need, or have any question please email me and I would be happy to answer them.