This is informing you the reader that I’m an affiliate of certain companies, if I invest directly in any companies, if I will talk about any companies that I work for, and any anything similar.

This was last updated on December 2nd 2022 and I will try to keep this updated as things change.

I’m currently on my probation period as an employee at a company.

If I work for a company (in any capacity or length of time) I will do my best not to mention them in any blog posts (I may mention them on social media or other pages on this site). I won’t promote their products if I don’t honestly think it’s a good product. If I do promote their product I will clearly disclosure it, like how I do with my affiliate links.

I currently have a general savings account, and I currently have a GIC which I may continue do so sometime in the future. Both of which may take the money held at that financial instruction and lend it out to others and in return I get interest. I have no idea who the money is lend out to.

I may have a retirement savings account (RSP or sometimes called RRSP) or TFSA sometime in the future which may put money into the stock market. This is blind to me, I don’t know which companies the stocks are in.

I currently don’t directly invest in any companies (through angel investing, stock market, or any other means).

I am an affiliate of numerous companies. Anytime there is an affiliate link on this site or on my social media it will clearly be disclosed (on this website it will say affiliate link after the link). This is mostly how I make money from this website.

Very rarely do I review specific products on this website, if I get a discount or get it for free I will clearly mention it. I do review things like books on other sites (where I don’t use my full name), I clearly disclosure if I get the book for free from the publisher. A discount or free product doesn’t change my overall view on it. If I hate the product then I will still talk about why I hate it.

I do have friends who either have their own company, or work for a company. If I do talk about one of those companies I will try to mention it, and I may add UTM parameters to the link so they know you came from my site if you click on their link.

On any links I put online I may shorten the link or include UTM parameters as I see fit. You can use a site like Redirect Detective to see the full link before clicking on it. You can remove the UTM parameters off the end of the link before you click on it if you wish.