Your Name Photo Gallery

Image One


What a fun day at the beach. Big thanks to my cousins for letting us come over and have a great time.

Image Two


Trying out my new macro lens that I picked up at Henry's. Glad I'm able to put my educational discount to a good use.

Image Three


Spotted this guy on my way to work today. Wish I had my camera with me, needed to use my phone if I wanted a picture.

Image Four


Went to the farm today to pick Strawberries. Haven't been since I was a kid but glad to be able to spend time outdoors and with family.

Image Five


Before the kids are out of school I thought I should upload a picture of my phone home screen before the kids go and mess it up again.

Image Six


After the cruise we went on a short exploring trip and came across this weird animal, glad I had my camera with me.

Image Seven


This is the cruise ship we are going on tomorrow. I won't be updating this blog until at least 2 weeks or so, need to take some time to just relax.

Image Eight


My lunch today, glad I can finally use some fruit from my own garden. I got tired of having store-bought fruit and vegs.

Images courtesy of pixabay