Here are some personal highlights of my life, some of these are professional related and some aren’t. A majority of my work is done under an NDA or white-label, while I do post some here I will not be able to cover everything. The newest is on the top.

June 30, 2022
Finished my term as President of a online Toastmasters club. In addition I organized the weekly meeting, and monthly leadership agenda’s. I also reviewed meeting minutes to ensure they covered enough detail and everyone could read them.
“You did a wonderful job. You had a successful year” ~ a member of the leadership team
“Thanks for all you have done as president and your leadership!” ~ a club member

March 2, 2022
Same day that new version of Groundhogg got released, had written, edited and published help documents pertaining to it to ensure questions that customers had were answered. One such article being on custom fields ( link).

October 4th 2021
Signed full-time contract to do customer service for Groundhogg.

October 1st 2021
Wrote, edited, and published help document on error that says “cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: certificate has expired” ( link)

September 27, 2021
On the day that Groundhogg added cookie consent to their settings, I created, edited, and published the help document titled How to implement cookie consent ( link)

July 1st 2021
I became President of a 100% online based Toastmasters club for the 2021-2022 year. As President I’m responsible for leading the executive team (and monthly executive meetings), I represent the club in any matters outside of a club meeting (such as Toastmasters International meetings), and resolve any conflicts within the club.

June 30th 2020
Finished my time working with a team to improve the online presence of 25+ local Toastmasters clubs. Documentation was created so that anyone could improve their club’s online presence without needing to talk to anyone on the team. Created, designed, and analyzed email newsletter that went to 500+ subscribers which had a 50%+ open rate. Helped to run and present a online workshop that gave attendees step-by-step directions to improve their club’s online presence.
My boss said in part “Your ongoing support, patience, and follow-up’s has been so appreciated.

April 21st 2020
Was a guest on the Website 101 Podcast where I talked about WordPress with the two co-hosts.

February 23rd 2020
Spoke at PodCamp Toronto 2020 where I talked about how to make your podcast more accessible. I also made the slides available.

June 30th 2019
Finished my time as the Vice President of Public Relations (VPPR) for a in-person Toastmasters club. As the VPPR I promoted the club to the public, protected the Toastmasters brand within the club, communicated to club members what was upcoming within the club, and transitioned the website to a responsive one.

December 4th 2019
Was quoted in an post on MonsterPost (by TemplateMonster) about Divi vs Elementor for a WordPress website.

April 22nd 2019
Completed freeCodeCamp’s Responsive Web Design.

May 31st 2017
Finished the Ajax Women’s Slo-Pitch Assocation new website. I not only worked with the association, I worked with multiple members of the local town to bring this website to look updated, responsive and usable for everyone. Consultations and training was done to ensure everything was on the website that should be, and they knew how to update the website.

February 31st 2017
Finished my time with Women’s March on Washington Canada. I not only re-did their website, I also provided photography and videography services to document the people who were going, why they were going, and the march.
One of the organizers said in part “Gregory joined the team and saved the day with our web re-build and gave us this amazing new website.
Another organizer said “Just wanted to thank you for your help and patience and for keeping the site safe. We are lucky to have you.

January 30th 2017
Officially created Gregory J Development.

May 1st 2016
After finishing up an internship, my boss gave me a testimonial that said in part “We collaborated on several projects. Gregory demonstrated excellent communication skills and an eagerness to tackle challenging problems.