I have worked on many websites, including sites for non-profits, for-profit’s, and companies from many industries and sizes. A majority of the sites I have worked on I can’t list here due to being under an NDA, or it’s done white-label (meaning I’m not listed anywhere on the site).

Ajax Women’s Slo-Pitch Association – Redesigned the website to make it look modern and great on any device. Worked with the volunteer leadership to ensure the website is up to date. As well with the local town committee to ensure website matched redesigned branding.

Women’s March on Washington Canada – Worked with the national organizers to make their website work for them. This included redesigning the website, making payments go into the non-profit’s bank account rather than than going through a third-party and the non-profit having to wait a month for the payment, keeping the site free from hackers and ensuring the content on the website was up to date. Updated e-commerce, site was accessible, and loaded fast for anyone to use. One of the organizers said “Gregory joined the team and saved the day with our web re-build and gave us this amazing new website”.

Responsive Course Dashboard – Showed a potential client that a course website needs to look good on any device and I’m the right person to do this.

Speed Difference – Showed a potential client how quickly or slow things load when they are or aren’t on a CDN, or lazy loaded.

If you would like to know more details on specific things I have worked on my highlights page is the best place to do so. If you would like me to work on your website then email me today.