I have worked on many websites, including sites for non-profits, for-profit’s, and companies from many industry’s and sizes. Some of the sites I have worked on I can’t list here due to being under an NDA or it’s done white-label (meaning I’m not listed anywhere on the site).

Ajax Women’s Slo-Pitch Association – worked with the association committee and the town to create a re-designed website to announce their 25th year. Some content was taken from the old site but tons of content was created from scratch. Website was made responsive and more accessible than previous site. Website had to be launched before start of their season, it was completed 6 weeks early with training given so that the association can continue to use the site for years to come.

Women’s March on Washington Canada – worked with national organizers across Canada to rebuild and continuously update their website. Revised e-commence, accessibility and speed of website. One of the organizers said “Gregory joined the team and saved the day with our web re-build and gave us this amazing new website”.

Random Techmeme Page – not associated with Techmeme, the site randomly generates an historical Techmeme page for you to explore past technology news. Code available on Bitbucket.

Crypto Chart – Responsive website that shows the current USD to crypto conversion rate. Code available on Bitbucket.

Responsive Course Dashboard Example – an responsive course dashboard that someone can use to host their own course. Code available on Bitbucket.

Speed Difference – showing off how quickly or slowly a page can be when it is hosted locally vs on a CDN. Code available on Bitbucket.