I have worked on many websites, including sites for non-profits, for-profit’s, and companies from many industry’s.

Under my company, Gregory J Development, I have worked on many sites which you can view on the our work page.

I have also created some sites in my spare time. If you would like to see the code for any of these pages please email me.

Random Techmeme Page – not associated with Techmeme, the site randomly generates an historical Techmeme page for you to explore past technology news.

Crypto Chart – Responsive website that shows the current USD to crypto conversion rate.

1MB Web Pages – creating pages that use popular frameworks (like Bootstrap, CSS Grid, and other) that are under 1MB in size.

Responsive Course Dashboard Example – an responsive course dashboard that someone can use to host their own course.

Speed Difference – showing off how quickly or slowly a page can be when it is hosted locally vs on a CDN.