Last updated on June 5th 2020

This policy to applies to and doesn’t apply to any other website made by Gregory Hammond.

Where possible I try to use HTTPS to protect your privacy.

I use Matomo (on the same server of this site) to track website visitors, I do anonymize your data by masking the last 2 bytes of your ip address (so I see 2 cookies are created by Matomo, and 1 cookie is set if you opt-out of analystics. You can find more details about what cookies Matomo sets over on their website.The information is regularly deleted from the database after 400 days. But some basic metrics (like visits, page views, bounce rate) are kept. If you have do not track enabled on your browser then Matomo doesn’t track you. If you wish to know how to turn on do not track then you read how to do so. If you wish to opt-out of Matomo collection you can do so.

There will never be paywalls on this site. There may be ads at some point on this site but they when they are on this site they will be text-based and in the most privacy-friendly way possible. I will never sell any of your data.

Cloudflare does protect this website, and it does collect some data on you but only keeps that data for a limited amount of time. Cloudflare does put at least one cookie on your browser.

Wordfence is also used to protect the WordPress portion of this site. It doesn’t add cookies unless you try to login, you can read their site for more details.

If you change any of the accessibility settings then a cookie will be set so that next time you visit this site your prefers will rename in place.

There may be links to third-party sites, I’m not responsible for anything that goes on while you are on those sites. Please read over the privacy policy of each website to see what they track about you.

I may embed content into an page or post on this site, that embed content acts the same way as if you were to visit the website itself. If you don’t want any embed content to show consider using an browser addon like Noscript.

I do keep track of any 404 pages, for a week. But I don’t keep any IP information regarding the 404.

I reserve the right to block any thing or one that has being abusive or using up server resources (this includes but isn’t limited to repetitive 404 pages). This includes website crawlers, bots, or anything else that automatically looks at this website. These will be blocked using Wordfence. If you do get blocked at sometime and wish to appeal you can email and include blocked in subject line. I don’t guarantee you will get a reply (or even look at the email) since I’m just one person and this is a website owned by me.

There may be images placed on this site. I may use this site or Cloudinary to host the image.

If you are interested in where I host my stuff you can see my data jurisdiction statement.