These are the social media accounts / online profiles that I have. These aren’t all of them as some I wish to keep private for certain reasons. If you see me on a social media site that isn’t listed here then consider contacting me to see if it’s actually me.

Github: gregoryhammond (I post highlights of code projects that I do)

Keybase: gregoryca (basically another form of encrypted chat but also a way to show some of the sites I have an account on. If you wish to chat using this method please email me to let me know that you have left me a message as I rarely have Keybase open)

LinkedIn: /in/hammondg (I use this for professional networking, please only connect with me if we have met, worked together, are in the same industry, or can work professional together)

Mastodon: (A better alternative to Twitter which I tend to post things that aren’t related to what I post on my Twitter accounts. You can signup on any mastodon instance and follow me)

Twitter: @devGregory (You can reply or dm me)

YouTube: Gregory Hammond (I do have a number of other channels but this is the one that I use to post my speaking videos)