These are the social media accounts / online profiles that I have. These aren’t all of them as some I wish to keep private for certain reasons. If you see me on a social media site that isn’t listed here then consider contacting me to see if it’s actually me.

Mastodon: (A better alternative to Twitter where there can be multiple servers controlled by anyone who setups their own server)

Twitter: @devGregory (I no longer post anything on this account, but I’m keeping it open if you must communicate with me through Twitter)

LinkedIn: /in/hammondg (I use this for professional networking, anyone is welcome to follow me but please only connect with me if we have met, worked together, are in the same industry, or can work professional together)

Github: gregoryhammond (just used as a placeholder and if I need it for any other reasons)

YouTube: Gregory Hammond (I do have a number of other channels but this is the one that I use to post my speaking videos)