I talk about websites, entrepreneurship, and other topics related to technology or that I’m passionate about.

This page and information is for anyone who is interested in inviting me to speak. If you have any questions or wish to request for me to speak at your event please email me.

I can speak in-person, over video conference or even via phone.

If I speak in-person I ask that I have a microphone (either lavalier or handheld) to ensure everyone can hear me. If I’m speaking via video conference I have a headset that I will use.

The length of the speaking engagement can change based on your needs. There can be a question and answer session at the end of every talk, if you allow.

I encourage you to record my talk and share it publicly so I can share it.


Speaking isn’t my full-time job, but currently I have the flexibility to base my schedule around your event. The sooner you email me, the greater chance there is that I’m available to speak. But I do require time to work on the presentation before your event, as I tweak each presentation based on your attendees to ensure they fully understand the content.

I will be there before my talk to setup, as well as will stay after to pack up my stuff and chat with attendees. If you wish for me to be apart of anything additional (panel, doing a Q&A session, having “office hours” with attendees, etc…) please let me know ahead of time so I can plan my schedule accordingly.

Depending on how long (or short) the event is I may (or may not) stay for the entire event. I would appreciate being able to be there the entire event, but it isn’t required or I may not be able to.

Covering Expenses:

I do charge a speaking fee, this fee does vary based on numerous factors (the length of the talk, if accommodations are covered and more). I will waive my fee for Toastmasters clubs (I’m a member of Toastmasters), community meetups or other events as I see fit. Please be up front if you can’t pay me, it will save us both tons of time.

If you want me to talk in-person then I will charge a travel fee. If the event is easily accessible via public transit then this travel fee will be less, but if the venue isn’t easily accessible using public transit then I will charge a per-km fee.

I would prefer to have these taken care of up front (I can send you an invoice) rather than be reimbursed but I understand if being reimbursed works better.

Setup and information:

I expect to present from my own laptop. I will have a Windows laptop (with HDMI output). If the venue doesn’t allow someone to connect their own laptop then I can send my presentation to whoever needed.

Let me know in good time:

The expected audience for the event. Tell me about the audience, their technical background, whether they are mostly entrepreneurs, from large companies and so on.

Slide resolution and any other technical details that will be help when I prepare.

If there will be internet (wired or wireless) as I may have videos or things online that I wish to show off. If you don’t have internet that is fine, I just want to know ahead of time. Bonus points if there is a password-protected internet just for speakers.

If you will have somewhere that speakers can chill and recharge so that I can give 100% when I am speaking.

Past Speaking Engagements:

Toastmasters Club Website From Zero To Hero (slides available for your view) – presented to Toastmasters Division E

Making Your Podcast More Accessible – presented to Podcamp Toronto 2020

Look On Up (To Mentors)

3 Tips For Your Toastmasters Club Website

Social Media – How to Use It to Attract More – presented to members of Toastmasters District 60

If you are interested in having me speak please email me with details of your event.