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Any money that is given to me through a link on this website (most likely on the support page) is non-refundable. If you decide to get the payment processor involved to get a refund, we will show them this page and you accepted these terms when you came to my website.

However, if we find out that the credit card (or money in general) was stolen or given to me by someone under the legal age, then please email me and upon request I will fully refund you.

I’m not responsible for any errors (of any kind) on this website. The blog posts here are provided for information purposes.

Copyright / Intellectual property rights

This site is under Unlicense, and/or CC0. Meaning I encourage you to learn from this website. All content is either original content or content that I have got permission to use (some examples are creative commons or stock photos).

Linking To Our Website

Any website is allowed to link to our website. If you take screenshot of any part of the website, quotes taken from our text content, and any references to our brand, domain or web pages must include a search-engine-followable HTML link. If you we discover you haven’t done this we will email the author and ask them to include a link to our website (or page that they got the content from).

Privacy Policy

I have a privacy policy for this website, which can be viewed by clicking here. This privacy policy is only for this site (and not for any sites that I have created).

Governing Law

These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Canada and the laws of the province of Ontario. If I’m sued (by either a website visitor or a client) these terms and conditions state that the suit will take place in a court in Ontario, Canada.

Links to third-party websites

I’m not responsible for any third-party sites that we link to. I have not read the privacy policy and/or terms and conditions of the third-party sites that I link to.