When creating this site I decided to not put analytics, paywalls, ads or anything else that could track people on this site. In doing that, it leaves me to foot the bill. I will run this site for as long as I can but I would appreciate financial support.

It costs about $120 CAD per year to run this website, and I would appreciate financial support to run this site. My time in running the site (writing posts, keeping the site updated etc..) isn’t included in the cost.

f I receive anything above the cost of running the site (for the year) I will keep it as surplus, if I have a 6-month+ surplus then I will remove this page.

f you need help with your website, then please consider hiring my company (Gregory J Development), as it’s just me right now all profits go back to me / my company.

Direct Support

Paypal (no fees since the link is for “friends and family”): https://paypal.me/ghammondca
Buy Me A Coffee (allows you to pay using Stripe or Paypal): https://www.buymeacoffee.com/gregoryhca
E-Transfer (Canada only): please email me for this personal email address

E-Gift Card

Think of it like buying me a coffee, or a book. All e-gift cards are welcome, email them to [email protected]

Some ideas: Starbucks, Indigo, Kobo, Amazon.ca


Bitcoin: 3K1yudLAuZXjtAEanuZn5nN96vQRSt78zN
Litecoin: MNezSqYnjHqrUqGVz8nmXrQvSPwZdFq43C

Referral Links
sign up using any of these links and I get a percentage back

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That Hosting Company
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Uber (Get $5 off your first ride, I get a free ride worth up to $5)
World Community Grid (uses your spare computing power to help develop new drugs to save lives, I get a warm fuzzy feeling if you sign up)