I prefer email above all other forms of contact, as it’s the most likely and the quickest way you will get a reply.

I will respond to all legitimate inquiries when I’m available to.

Email: hello@gregoryhammond.ca (PGP key available)

You can find all my social media profiles on my social media page if you wish contact / connect with me through social media.

What I’ll respond to:
– if you want me to help you with your website (paid opportunities only)
– comments to the media (see my press page to see where I’ve been quoted)
– speaking inquires (see my speaking page for details)
– comments regarding my blog posts (I may not respond but know that I at least got your email), you can also do a Webmention or pingback.
– writing on your site / guest writing on another website (paid only)
– almost anything else that isn’t listed on what I won’t respond to

What I won’t respond to:
– technical questions if you aren’t a client of mine (please search the internet)
– if you ask me to check out [this awesome thing]
– if you just say hi (or how are you), please get directly to the point
– guest posting here (but you can guest post on the Gregory J Development blog)
– I won’t promote that thing you want me to promote
– no I won’t link to [whatever you want me to add a link to]
– if you add me to any newsletter (I will just remove myself, tell the email newsletter provider that I didn’t sign up for it, and report the email as spam)
– if you use phrases like “bumping this to the top of your inbox, “just wanted to make sure you saw this email” or anything similar. I will most likely delete your email if you do this and/or report the email as spam. If you have contacted me I will see it at some point.