I prefer email above all other forms of contact, as it’s the most likely and the quickest way you will get a reply.

I will respond to all legitimate inquiries when I’m available to.

If you are looking to hire me, please email me with the job description, location (exact location is preferred), salary (or contract rate), and your contact details and I will get back to you. I’m available to work in-person (either near Toronto, Ontario, Canada or relocation) or remotely.

Email: hello@gregoryhammond.ca

You can find all my social media profiles on my social media page if you wish contact / connect with me through social media.

What I’ll respond to:

  • If you want me to help you with your website (paid opportunities only, I don’t do “quick websites”)
  • If you want to talk with me about a potential job (I prefer email and if you want to chat over the phone or video conference we can schedule a time)
  • Comments to the media (see my press page to see where I’ve been quoted)
  • Want me to speak at your event? I would love to. See my speaking page for details
  • Comments regarding my blog posts (I may not respond but know that I at least got your email), you can also do a pingback.
  • Writing on your site / guest writing on another website (paid only)
  • Almost anything else that isn’t listed on what I won’t respond to

What I won’t respond to (I will report your email as spam to your email provider if you email me about any of these):

  • Technical / website questions if you aren’t a client of mine (please search the internet)
  • If you ask me to check out [this awesome thing]
  • If you just say hi (or how are you), please get directly to the point
  • Guest posting on this website (this is a personal website)
  • I won’t promote that thing you want me to promote
  • Wondering if I need website or app development, or SEO services. If I needed them I would have already reached out to somebody in my network.
  • No I won’t link to [whatever you want me to add a link to] or replace any links already on my site
  • If you add me to any newsletter (I will just remove myself, tell the email newsletter provider that I didn’t sign up for it, and report the email as spam)
  • If you use phrases like “bumping this to the top of your inbox, “just wanted to make sure you saw this email” or anything similar.