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Welcome to the site of Gregory Hammond.

How to contact here / where else I am online:

Email: [email protected] . ca (PGP Key Available)
Gregory Hammond
Mastodon: @[email protected]

Data jurisdiction statement(what is this?):
I'm currently living in Canada, my website is hosted by on a vps I pay for by Luna Node (affliate link) (Canadian based company, server is located in Toronto), Cloudflare is protecting this site (which is US based). Email is hosted by Runbox in Norway. I backup everything to Backblaze (US as well). If you don't wish for our conversation to be logged (or backed up to Backblaze) email me asking for my XMPP (I also have OTR).

Support The Site

When creating this site I decided to not put analystics, paywalls, ads or anything else that could track people on this site. In doing that, it leaves me to foot the bill. I will run this site forever but I woud appreciate finanical support.

It costs about $120 CAD per year to run this website, and I would appreciate financial support to run this site. My time in running the site (writing posts, keeping the site updated etc..) isn't included in the cost.

If I recieve anything above the cost of running the site (for the year) I will keep it as surplus, if I have a huge surplus then I will remove this page.

If you need help with your website, then please consider hiring my company (Gregory J Development), as it's just me right now all profits go back to me / my company.

Direct Support

Paypal (no fees since the link is for "friends and family"):

Digital Tip Jar (stripe takes 2.9% + 0.30 cents, digital tip jar takes 5% <- these are per transaction): Digital Tip Jar

E-Gift Card, think of it like buy me a coffee, or a book. If you want to send a different e-gift card you are welcome to. Please send all e-gift cards to [email protected]

Tim Horton's E-Gift Card (accepted amount between $10 - $200)

Indigo / Chapters E-Gift Card (accepted amount from $2 - $500) E-Gift Card (accepted amount from $0.15 to $2,000)

Referral Links, buy something (or even sign up for free) and a percentage goes back to me.

Luna Node (I recieve $10 if you have an account for more than 30 days and have used more than $15 in account credit).

AirVPN (I recieve 20% of each purchase you make forever)

Clicky (I recieve 20% of every payment you make)

Cloudinary (cdn for almost anything, just signup for free and I recieve 1,000 MB of storage & 2,000 MB of bandwidth in my account to use)

Depositphotos (I recieve 15% if you buy a pay-per-credit or on demand, I recieve somewhere between 4 - 10% if you buy a subscription plan)

DigitalOcean (You get $10 in credit, once you've spent $25 I get $25)

FolowUpThen (You get a $5 credit, I recieve $5 if you become a paying customer)

NameSilo (I get 10% from your first purchase)

SeedProd (I get 30% of each sale)

That Hosting Company

Quickbooks Online (You get a 50% discount for the first 6 months, I get $150 visa prepaid gift card)

World Community Grid (uses your spare computing power to help develop new drugs to save lives, I only get a warm fuzzy feeling if you sign up)


Seize the day. This whole site is under UNLICENSE / CC0 for you to create, learn from, make money from, or anything like that.
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